Meet Our Founder


Danielle Upshaw-Barnes, a native of Richmond, Virginia, is the President and CEO of Prophet Non-Emergency Transportation Services (PNETS), an ADA-compliant for- profit company that serves the Richmond area. Danielle Upshaw-Barnes has provided extensive support and resources for the healthcare community for over 19 years.


As a trained resource provider for the healthcare community, Upshaw-Barnes offers exemplary service through PNETS. Dependability and respect are at the core of her foundation and therefore threaded throughout her company as well. Upshaw- Barnes remembers a time where she was unable to find transportation to her medical appointments. She remembers the difficulties and the undue stress it caused. Upshaw-Barnes would like to elleviate these stressors from others so she founded this company. Upshaw -Barnes’ goal is to bridge the gap between people and their healthcare providers by offering transportation services that include wheelchair and stretcher options. The desire of Upshaw-Barnes is to meet the needs of her clients appropriately and efficiently and assist them with a significant need for safe and reliable transportation.


Danielle Upshaw-Barnes cares for her community and does the best she can to ensure that quality care is provided for her customers as well. Each customer is given a tailored and customized level of attention; transportation should be easy and comfortable. Danielle Upshaw-Barnes is committed to this work. She is committed to ensuring that the stress of medical care is not amplified by having to find a way to get to it. PNETS offers services to all patients and accepts Medicare and Medicaid as well.